About Us

Since 2004, Biogen Hayvan Ürünleri (Biogen Animal Products) provides a sale service of frozen bovine semen collected from the high-class bulls, which is under the criteria set forth by the T.R. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Our company carries out the activities on importing and selling of frozen bovine sperms having the high genetic values in terms of milk and meat yield to the breeding associations, farms and free veterinary physicians throughout Turkey. It is our greatest goal to gain a healthy and long-lasting herd to animal husbandry in our country by increasing the current profitability and productivity with the bull sperms which belong to the various breeds and which we have delivered to our valued customers, aiming to high-quality and high-yield.

We continue this service within the frame of being seamless, punctual and high-quality thanks to our qualified, knowledgeable and professional team, and our customers who prefer us.




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